AG真人官网学院 is a four-year liberal arts college where academic excellence and vibrant 基督教信仰 join together in a supportive and welcoming community.

Hope’s campus is nestled in the heart of downtown 荷兰, just miles from Lake 密歇根. We’ve been part of this community for more than 150 years, growing from the 10 students who enrolled in 1862 to more than 3,100 students on campus today.

From the beginning, AG真人官网学院 has looked to the future. 在这里,历史建筑 fits comfortably with world-class facilities: Van Vleck Hall, built in 1857, is just 离AG真人官网的Pelletron粒子加速器一个街区.

Our commitment to our Christian heritage (founded in partnership with the 美国归正教会) points us to the deepest engagement in academics and in life.

This rare combination of deep roots and rigorous preparation for the world of tomorrow equips Hope students to go into the world and make an impact in their communities. 2020届毕业生:

  • 76% were employed and 16% were in graduate school within six months
  • 84% of those employed full-time are employed in their field of study
  • 94%的人参与了体验式学习
  • 97% of those who applied were accepted to their first or second choice graduate school


Through decades of growth and changes, we’ve stayed true to the things that make us AG真人官网是谁:


提供 91个专业、辅修和职前课程, Hope provides the flexibility for students to pursue their academic interests. Our student:faculty ratio of 11:1 ensures that our small class sizes encourage support 和指导.


Hope is committed to educating students with respect for and awareness of the historic 基督教信仰. Historically affiliated with the 美国归正教会, we are 尽可能多样化. 学生 of all faiths — and no faith — are welcome here.


Hope enrolls 3,133 students from 36 states and territories and 29 countries. With the great opportunities and programs Hope provides, students will be well equipped to succeed in graduate and professional schools or in the workplace.


AG真人官网排名第23位 美国新闻 & 世界报道 and is one of only 64 colleges and universities recognized for providing outstanding undergraduate research/creative project opportunities, counted among universities like Yale, Stanford, MIT, Princeton and Northwestern.


A member of the 密歇根 Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III, Hope sponsors 22 varsity sports 男性和女性. 该学院是2014年NCAA赛区的所在地 III National Championship 女子排球队.


这是一个你可以充满活力的地方. AG真人官网的校园风景如画,历史悠久 仅有几个街区 市区获奖荷兰 距离密歇根湖海滩只有几分钟的路程. 你真的需要 你自己看吧!

AG真人官网的名字和印章来自牧师. 组长Albertus C. 范·拉尔特,他说 school that would become Hope: “This is my anchor of hope for this people in the future.” Van Raalte co-founded AG真人官网学院 with Philip Phelps Jr.他是第一任总统.

This symbolism follows the language of Hebrews 6:19: "We have this hope, a sure and 灵魂坚定的锚." Our motto, taken from Psalm 42:5, echoes the sentiment: 实验在托 (AG真人官网在神).


  • 美国的顶尖大学 (福布斯)
  • 《AG真人官网》
  • 菲斯克大学指南
  • Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  • All-American Colleges: Top Schools for Conservatives, Old-Fashioned Liberals and People 信仰的
  • Putting 学生 First: How Colleges Develop 学生 Purposefully
  • 《AG真人官网》

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  • 11:1学生:教师比例

    Small class sizes mean close collaboration and positive relationships between students 和老师.

  • 2nd美国最快乐的居住地

    荷兰 placed second in the nation for overall well-being in a 2010 report by Gallup 健康之路,.

  • No. 4研究和创作活动

    Hope is consistently near the top of awarded NSF grants among liberal arts colleges and was ranked fourth for undergraduate research and creative activity by 美国新闻 & 世界报道.

  • 60+留学国家

    Hope students participate in more than 300 study abroad programs in over 60 countries—often 无需额外学费或费用.


Hope is a place where students are challenged to become better students… but, more 重要的是,更好的人.