AG真人官网app下载院长马修. 例如,和 AG真人官网提出倡议 will take the national stage this spring during the South by Southwest (SXSW) EDU 会议 & 德克萨斯州奥斯汀的节日.

Only 180 presentations were chosen out of more than 800 applications for this year’s event, which will run Monday-Thursday, 3月 7-10.  斯科金将出席”前进的AG真人官网:免学费上大学” on the Business and Investment track in the event’s Future20 format on Wednesday, 3月9日,12:30.m. 中科.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to participate in South by Southwest EDU and share our AG真人官网前进 model and the vision it represents,” 例如, said. “AG真人官网前进 is a bold ambition to fund a AG真人官网学院 education through giving rather than tuition 和学生贷款. However, the high cost of a college education is a national crisis. We AG真人官网 to inspire discussion and out-of-the-box thinking about innovative ways to 解决这个问题.”

在7月宣布, AG真人官网前进 is a distinctive model for fully funding tuition through giving so that students can pursue impact instead of incurring debt and needing to chase income. Rather than require students to pay for their own degrees, the approach will ask them to contribute to the college after they graduate to support those who follow.

斯科金将讲20分钟. He will reflect on the broken nature of the current business model of higher education and how AG真人官网前进 emphasizes gift-giving rather than bill-paying; how fully funded tuition addresses social justice, since college equalizes earning potential for students from diverse economic backgrounds; and how the AG真人官网前进 model transforms the college/student relationship, enhancing lifelong 学习和联系毕业生.

The college-wide strategy is built on a foundation of three pillars — accessibility, generosity and community — in congruence with Hope’s Christian mission.  反光 of the three pillars, the tuition model uses a “pay-it-forward” approach. 参与 students will receive a AG真人官网学院 education with tuition fully funded by the generous gifts of others, and pay only for room and board. 在AG真人官网app下载的四年里, students will explore gratitude, both as a beneficiary of others’ generosity and as 慷慨的给予者自己. When, as alumni, they give to Hope after graduation, they will become part of a continuum of generational support for the students of the future.

Hope estimates that its endowment will need to increase by an additional $1.10亿年 (from its current level of $308 million) for AG真人官网前进 to support the entire student 3000名学生.  In the meantime, a gift from an anonymous donor has enabled Hope to enroll an inaugural cohort of 22 students this fall and to support a second cohort starting in the fall of 2022, with funding continuing through graduation for 两组中的每一组.

The college also held its tuition for 2021-22 at the 2020-21 level for all students.  In addition, earlier this month Hope announced the “Anchored Tuition Pledge” through which current students will continue to pay the 2020-21 tuition rate for the duration of their time at the college, and tuition will be held at the starting rate for each incoming class beginning with the fall 2022 semester.

Additional information about AG真人官网前进 is available at AG真人官网.edu/forward

SXSW EDU is a component of the South by Southwest family of conferences and festivals.  It takes place each 3月 in Austin as a four-day event to advance teaching, learning and innovation in education, and includes a variety of sessions, immersive 工作shops, interactive learning experiences, mentorship, film screenings, future-focused competitions, 世博会,学习机会等等.  关于今年的其他信息 节目可于